Monday, August 2

More Wedding Photos

These creative pictures are the work of my cousin and bosom friend for life, Lindsay.
The best photo of my bouquet ever.

Me smiling at something, with my friend's boyfriend beside me.

Devin and the girls, with my older sister on the right

 A sort of behind-the-scenes snapshot, see the top of the porta potty on the left? and our brick pathway my hubby laid with the chimney we tore out a few months ago.

Last, but not least, my oldest daughter and my bff forever (and cake baker) Jill. They are my favorite girls.

Thank you Lindsay! And your creative genius.


  1. THOSE ARE AMAZING ohmygod. Were they taken with a vintage camera??? or is your mad talented friend a phenom at photoshop!?

    that bouquet pic is AMAZING. your whole wedding looked amazing. Seriously!

  2. beautiful family and beautiful photos! I adore that the porto potty is in a shot- so real, but still beautiful!

  3. @jen - I think these are from her iphone and edited. She did have a lomography camera at the wedding, but I haven't seen those ones and if i remember she said she only got 3 shots

    @angie - yep we had two porta pottys. best decision ever.

  4. I meant Jes, geez where's my head. Time for mimosas and cinnamon rolls.

  5. these are stunning
    i feel like we should be oregon friends
    i'd love some mimosas and cinnamon rolls

  6. Loving your pictures so much and I agree with Lace and Likes - Oregon friends for sure!

  7. Even if I am Lindsay's Mama, these are some awesome photos!

  8. Loving those photos, you are one beautiful woman! I love that photo of you smiling! Great work.