Friday, January 29

Our Anniversary Trip

We spent the night at the Brightwood Guest House just 14 miles from Government Camp on Mt.Hood ~ it was cold and rainy on and off, but a perfect short & sweet getaway!

We checked into our cabin:

Then drove up to the mountain:

Getting closer.....

Rode the slopes for a good three hours followed by beer and dinner in lodge

Then back to the cabin for a fire:

And a hot soak in these wonderful outdoor tubs!

After a cozy night's stay in our cabin...

And a homemade breakfast

It was time for a morning soak before we packed up and headed home

Did I mention we were right by a creek?

Happy Anniversary to us! And many many more to come...

Friday, January 22

Friday's Musings

My dress.
Is nothing like this.
And, yet this is closer to it than anything else I can find out there. Now don't get your hopes up cause if you do you will be disappointed when you see it, not that I'm dissing on my dress (do people even say that word anymore?) but it has about 90% less of those awesome ruffley rows, and it has a completely different cut (shape) and it is lace.
But. I love this dress.
You can't find it on JCrew anymore which leads me to believe many a lady love this dress too. I'm sure it was in the $1-2,000 range. At least.

I wanted to share something on a food related issue ~

These photos are the reason I have the Little Red Bike Cafe blog on my reader list. But can you believe I haven't actually eaten there yet?  It is on my to-do list for sure.

Mmmmm....banana cake:

And Huevos Rancheros: Breakfast anyone?

We will be on Mt.Hood enjoying a night away and celebrating our one-year anniversary this weekend! Have a great one!

Thursday, January 21


You may have seen this image around... it is Cori from August and After wearing a beautiful red silk bolero from Mary and Angelika on Etsy.

After seeing images of her wedding and gorgeousness I immediately sought out her shrug and decided I would buy it in blue. I showed Devin and he didn't like. Humph. But, like everything else in our wedding, things have changed since the planning begun and now I am in love with the knit sweater shrug!

Below are just examples of what I have found while perusing Etsy:

I've already asked a co-worker/friend if she would knit me a sweet cap-sleeve shrug for my wedding day and after (and maybe before?)
Here are some of her creations:

Heidi - you need your own Etsy!

And she wore a flower in her hair....

Okay, self portrait not-so-great, but I wanted to clip my flower in and wear it. I'm thinking that the feather comb/veil will be for the ceremony and then perhaps because I'll be afraid that it will fall out, or I won't want netting in my face that I'll switch to this flower. In the meantime I'm going to try to wear it everyday, cause hey, why not?

Feeling a little self-conscious about posting a close up of my face on here. For some reason I like some anonymity on blogs. Its like reading a book, I can imagine the characters myself, if you show me a picture it ruins it somehow.

Friday, January 15

DIY Veil

With my mom's convincing and a little bit of confidence and inspiration I have decided to make my birdcage veil myself (or rather have my mother make it for me!) There are instructions for veil making everywhere, but this one has some nice photos to go along with it. French or Russian veil netting is inexpensive and super cute - I bought a yard of both 9" and 18" wide yesterday so we can play with length and poof and have a little room to mess up if that so happens.
Mom and I met up at Anthropologie yesterday and I left with this in a taupe-ish gold color:

And this in white with some pink floral fabric pieces although the green really speaks to me. I'm avoiding shipping costs and the hassle of mailing returns if it doesn't really work out. crossing my fingers!

I will unveil (haha) the finished product when we're done! And if all fails, I have a few fun hair accessories to wear around town. If you aren't in the mood to make-your-own, but still want a cute, sassy, or dramatic hair plume check out Twigs and Honey and Smitten on etsy.

I'll leave you with a gorgeous photo courtesy of Smitten:

Happy Weekend everyone!

Tuesday, January 12

Flippin' Awesome

This is just a teaser:

Go see more of these photos on Green Wedding Shoes, so creative and fabulous - and a beautiful people alert for sure! I though the steampunk element was a bit understated, but in a good way.

I am overwhelmed with inspiration once again as the holidays are over and more new weddings are posted everyday. I like the creative "doing" aspect of planning our own wedding, but I feel like my hands are tied since I can't actually execute anything right now. Speaking of, when are we going shopping for linens and veil making items mom?

The things I still should be doing are making our itunes list for all the times the band won't be playing, and getting the guest list finalized, addresses compiled, making (or buying) wedding invitations, etc. etc. Those things just sound tedious. I hate tedious.

I'm hoping my shoes arrive today, I have this feeling, you know?

My first dress fitting is scheduled for March 13th!

The bridesmaid dresses are bought! Two ladies need to try their dresses on but my fingers are crossed that we're all happy. The breakdown: two gals in chocolate brown, two in gold/brown floral, our oldest daughter in chartreuse-y green, the two little girls in tan.

Next: Groomsman. This is pretty much figured out just needs aquiring.


January 27th we are celebrating our one-year anniversary with a night away at a cabin on Mt.Hood sans children.

We will ride the slopes that night, come back to a hot soak in these darling out-door soaking tubs on the cabin patio, then enjoy breakfast courtesy of the inn-keepers the next morning, enjoy some snowy walks and romantic cuddles and head back home! My manual camera's forwarding lever is broken and I really want to take "real" pictures of our getaway. I should probably take it in asap to get fixed!