Friday, July 30

Un-wedding Post

Three chicken eggs... the one on the right got stuck and took in two yolks.

Isn't it Huge? I should be a hand model...

My tin can herb garden courstesy of wedding table tins from my mother that she *doesn't want back*

And lastly, little LW's first camping trip on Suttle Lake in Central Oregon

She is most happy outdoors, so spending three days and two nights outside was her favorite! That and the tent, she was all about how cool then tent was and made lots of scratchy noises with her fingers on it.

Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. Little ones understand the important things in life. Layla reminds me so much of you when you were a baby!

  2. Smart idea with those tins! I've been wanting to start a herb garden and haven't known how to go about it. I think if I had some tins like those I'd be much more inspired.

  3. I think I recognize that bowl with the two egg yolks in it.
    Nice herb garden!