Sunday, August 29

Going to a Wedding!

Today is my friend Kaarin's wedding. It is taking place at Youngberg Hill Vineyards in McMinville, Oregon. She is marrying her British fiance' and the father of their little boy! She is the second of 4 her in family to wed (like me!) and I've been watching the wedding come together as she's been planning it from their home in Tenessee.
Her family and ours have known one another since way back, and we have had the pleasure of living with them for a summer during a transition time for my family. And although we aren't bestie's, she and her siblings have been pseudo-family for me for years.
August weddings are supposed to be a guarantee for sunny, warm weather in Oregon. But here we are, overcast and not even 70! Go figure. This summer has been so strange for us, so mild and consitently bland save for a few days here and there.
I am so excited for this afternoon! Congrats Kaarin, this is your day and you are gorgeous! Can't wait to see that sassy little dress on you.

Sunday, August 15

I Don't Have to Care Anymore!

What a relief it is to say that........ I don't have to plan a wedding, or fill my head with ideas. Nope, I can just make some strong coffee and soak in the hot tub in the early morn' with my hubby and girls and
Then for breakfast have toasted pugliese bread with salted avocado on top and tomato quarters drizzled with champagne pear vinaigrette, followed by a salad nicoise to pick at throughout the day. I've since finished that off!

And I got to do a belly casting at work today,on a client who shares my littlests' name, but spelled differently.
Yes, these are the daily moments I love.

Did I ever share a photo of my belly casting?

My oldest daughter, younger sister and I decorated it with a variety of paper pieces and modge podge. Its been hanging above Laila's crib ever since.


Congrats to Angie, Brittney and Rachael who all got hitched yesterday!!!!!!!! Ladies, I hope it was fantastical!

Friday, August 13

Could it be? And a music share

The spell is broken!

I haven't looked at Style me Pretty, Ruffled, OnceWed, GreenWeddingShoes or any other stuffy bridal inspiration blog in 2 whole days?!?

To think that I've detoxed off these sights so quickly after my wedding!*

This calls for a beer.

*denotes sarcasm

 This has been my wedding song since before I even met my husband.

Thursday, August 12

Guest Blogging on BridalHood!

Today you can find me on the lovely wedding blog BridalHood! Debbie's fantastic blog was one of the very first I followed when I joined blogger-land. She writes about her own wedding planning and also shares great wedding inspiration with her readers. She married in Hood River a few months ago and is currently driving from Florida to her new home in Hood River with her husband. From their photos I can tell they are super cool and full of life and happiness!

Check it out!

Thursday, August 5

From Seeds and Stiches

I just finished reading this post:

Note from a 5 year old marriage...


And wanted to share it with my readers, in case they aren't following seeds already.  There seem to be so many posts post-wedding that I can't agree more with regarding the aesthetic and expectations of a wedding day. I like that she addresses her thankfulness at not having wedding blogs during her planning to further increase these visions and pressures. And that so many people are having lovely weddings that aren't what we see day to day on all these blogs. 

Still, obviously, so many people are having these types of weddings. 

But, being here now, 6 weeks post wedding, I'm proud of the work we did, we carried out our intention of love and family, and the responses we've received from our guests support those feelings. We accomplished not only throwing ourselves a wedding (with friends and family helping immensely of course!) but we've accomplished a year and a half of an awesome marriage, filled with new jobs, new baby, a broken toe, financial gain and loss, tearing out a wall and a chimney together, celebrating our first anniversary, as well as landscaping our yard and other small home improvements. But most of all, its the end of the day, when we have our customized bowls of popcorn, and sit on the couch with each other, taking turns putting the kids to bed, and just enjoying being together.

Monday, August 2

More Wedding Photos

These creative pictures are the work of my cousin and bosom friend for life, Lindsay.
The best photo of my bouquet ever.

Me smiling at something, with my friend's boyfriend beside me.

Devin and the girls, with my older sister on the right

 A sort of behind-the-scenes snapshot, see the top of the porta potty on the left? and our brick pathway my hubby laid with the chimney we tore out a few months ago.

Last, but not least, my oldest daughter and my bff forever (and cake baker) Jill. They are my favorite girls.

Thank you Lindsay! And your creative genius.