Sunday, August 29

Going to a Wedding!

Today is my friend Kaarin's wedding. It is taking place at Youngberg Hill Vineyards in McMinville, Oregon. She is marrying her British fiance' and the father of their little boy! She is the second of 4 her in family to wed (like me!) and I've been watching the wedding come together as she's been planning it from their home in Tenessee.
Her family and ours have known one another since way back, and we have had the pleasure of living with them for a summer during a transition time for my family. And although we aren't bestie's, she and her siblings have been pseudo-family for me for years.
August weddings are supposed to be a guarantee for sunny, warm weather in Oregon. But here we are, overcast and not even 70! Go figure. This summer has been so strange for us, so mild and consitently bland save for a few days here and there.
I am so excited for this afternoon! Congrats Kaarin, this is your day and you are gorgeous! Can't wait to see that sassy little dress on you.


  1. I hope you'll post pictures. I love wedding photos!

  2. Even though I have to use the term summer loosely this year, I'm glad summer was bookended by two of my earliest playmate's weddings.