Sunday, May 30

A Necklace

I bought this today and another which is no longer on the website, to wear with my dress.
Which one, we'll determine in a couple weeks!
The second necklace is layers of gold coin looking pieces, very delicate yet definitely there.

And then these......

Cream and sugar dishes to go with coffee ~ these are huge, by far larger than any I've owned. That creamer holds almost 20 ounces! I'm serious, I measured.

We had our tasting dinner last night, which I meant to take photos of but then felt silly when we were being served, plus I was hungry, so I just ate. It was great, we're very happy, and it was nice to see it prepared and talk about details of the wedding day with the caterer.

20 days.

Thursday, May 20

Wedding Nightmare #3 or 4

It was my wedding day, we were somewhere along the coast at a park and somehow time got away with me. I looked at the clock and it was 20 minutes to 6pm, guests had arrive almost 2 hours ago! I looked out the window and they were mingling and eating and drinking, but I wasn't ready at all and couldn't find what I needed to wear. I kept grabbing odd things like arm warmers and socks.
I ran outside away from the guests and called the photographer who wasn't there. His girlfriend answered and told me he was at a golfing trip in San something-or-other and was laughing at me!
My groom wasn't exactly lost but wasn't in the dream either.
And I thought I wasn't stressing.

Wednesday, May 19

A Month to Go

I'm feeling like I should write the obligatory "one-month countdown" post. But, I don't have anything new to say, or any pretty pictures or favorite weddings to post about. I'm still worried my dress isn't flattering or sexy enough. we haven't purchased groomsman vests, I'm not even going to THINK about flowers until a couple days before the wedding. And I need to get money together to pay the caterer 1/2 down by monday.

Instead I'm filling my time with gardening (my first garden!), making cookies, kissing baby cheeks, and getting increasingly nervous about my July 9th pole dance recital.

I've actually come to really appreciate having other things to focus on as the wedding draws near. It reminds me that life continues on after the day is over. And that besides sewing table runners, making votive holders out of baby food jars and other various DIY projects, I really don't have anything left to do.

Tuesday, May 11

Tuesday Wedding (Wedding Tuesday)

Tuesday's are my official day off, no work, no kids except the baby, and its my time to put some energy towards this wedding. Three things I want to unofficially work on today are our ceremony, bunting flags and votives.

For our ceremony I've pieced some readings and greetings together for our officiant, who is a friend of my husbands ~ think friar tuck in stature, with a sweet comedic disposition. He had to ponder our request for a few days but eventually agreed! We love our friends. Devin and I will forgo the ring ceremony and repeating our I DO's but instead we are incorporating our promises into our personal vows for each other. We spent a long soak in our think tank - hot tub - on Mother's Day and talked about how things would go. I had no idea he was so excited about the ceremony. He certainly has his wants and dislikes and told me he wants our vows to make people cry and see our great our bond of love. Ahhhh So Sweet!!

I've been saving baby food jars for votive holders or perhaps to create an outdoor chandelier. I also like the look of book pages or newsprint wrapped around each jar. As a bit of a word-nerd, I would love to incorporate all sorts of book-y and poetry-esque elements of design into our wedding.

As far as the bunting flags go......I made a post earlier with those wool plaid scraps I haphazardly cut at angles and stapled to cotton string? Yeah.....hmmm. I have this eternal war inside me between the casual comforts of anything goes vs. a little more elegant and pretty. Even when I was picking plates (rimmed vs. no rim).
I've always been afraid to be "stuffy". This carries over into every aspect of my life.
But, I regress, so I'm not going to use the wool plaid, but instead the gorgeous jewel and gold toned paisley lightweight pendelton that my mother initially intended for me to use before I saw the plaid and wanted it for some reason.

Now that I've published my to-do list its time to get crackin'! After coffee, breakfast and a shower of course!

Wednesday, May 5

So Ready...

We are just over 6 weeks away from the big day. And you know what happens? You get kinda tired of the overwhelming self-indulgent wedding-planning-inspiration-gathering-obsession but you can't stop. Its weird. I almost begrudgingly look at the same 10 bridal blogs everyday, most of the time bored out of my mind, but its ritual now. And every ONCE in awhile I go "oh look honey, that's our groomsman attire" or "brown paper on the tables just like we're doing" or something else affirming me that I'm doing okay planning this whole thing.
Of course I'm doing okay, there's no wrong answer! 
At this point its just about paying people and setting things up. Calling those who haven't RSVP'd and nailing them down. And perhaps looking into renting a porta poddy, oh and verifying our rental contract - I never got an email with our changes - probably something I should look into.
I posted a couple times about our yard. We are ready to seed, finally. This is a huge relief for me. Also an ouchy $1,000 we just dropped on equipment rentals and hauling away debris to get it to this point. I was really stressing about this even though I couldn't care less if we have grass or not by June 19th. Its just nice to know there isn't much left for us to do, now its mother natures to beautify.
I finished up the last 10 or so invitations today that will go out tomorrow, because I was (and am) just too tired today to make it to the post office. I will NOT put those things in the mail box to go out.
Sure, I'm still going through the usual self-doubts: Is my dress flattering enough, did I set the wedding time too early, is everyone/thing going to fit, will people be entertained, is everything going to fall apart on the actual day-of because I don't have a coordinator, should I be scouring through vow ceremony's to find the perfect sayings and readings.  What if it isn't special enough? what if we leave something out??

Oh. God.

I'm letting myself off the hook for awhile.