Sunday, August 15

I Don't Have to Care Anymore!

What a relief it is to say that........ I don't have to plan a wedding, or fill my head with ideas. Nope, I can just make some strong coffee and soak in the hot tub in the early morn' with my hubby and girls and
Then for breakfast have toasted pugliese bread with salted avocado on top and tomato quarters drizzled with champagne pear vinaigrette, followed by a salad nicoise to pick at throughout the day. I've since finished that off!

And I got to do a belly casting at work today,on a client who shares my littlests' name, but spelled differently.
Yes, these are the daily moments I love.

Did I ever share a photo of my belly casting?

My oldest daughter, younger sister and I decorated it with a variety of paper pieces and modge podge. Its been hanging above Laila's crib ever since.


Congrats to Angie, Brittney and Rachael who all got hitched yesterday!!!!!!!! Ladies, I hope it was fantastical!


  1. It is such a relief! That is the most beautiful belly cast I have ever seen!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! And YES it was fantastic! =)

  3. Yay for the relief of not planning! Yum for that fantastic sounding open-faced sandwich! and belly casting...what do you do exactly?

  4. thanks for the shout out beauty!!!! and i totally dig the belly casting!
    i want to do that some day you'll have to tell me how