Saturday, April 24

And Baby Makes 5

We are an unconventional, yet not uncommon family. When my husband and I met my daughter was almost 10 and his was one-and-a-half. And now our littlest turns one this Monday!
We've both adjusted from the simpler life of single parenthood to the bustling, chaotic noise and mess that is three girls, and each other.

Friday, April 23

Sweet Love Shoot

I am so excited to share this next post with you! Devin and I never had a chance to get any engagement photos ~ so this makes up for it. We had very little time as it started raining as soon as I pulled our props out to the field bordering our fence and gate. Which meant the records didn't make it into any photos. And my many ideas for the shoot (different outfits, bowling alley, fun jumping on the bed ideas) didn't happen either. Still, given our limited shots and scenery, I am ever so pleased with how lovely these are!

                           {photo credits: lucy hobbs}

Stay tuned tomorrow for a few of our family shots!

Wednesday, April 21

Le Creuset and Handy Spice Shelf

Remember when I won a Le Creuset baking set from broken*saucer? I made delicious cornbread in the large one tonight:
And for dinner we had organic whole wheat penne with spaghetti sauce, chunks of asiago, corn, and cornbread. I served mine on a plate my mom made:

And this was my handy-woman project yesterday. I got so tired of my spice bags all shoved together in this towel rack thing I have, so I found a dirty piece of wood in our lumber yard, some hemp string, a couple of nails and voila! I'm so proud of myself.

And my teas, sugar jar, and the brown tin on the left holds kosher salt ~ mainly used for edamame sit on my unclean stove.
My husband who is a contractor/builder extrordinaire was impressed with my ingenuity but hates my design.  He'll just have to deal with it.

Pendleton Bunting Flags

My husband is from Pendleton, Oregon, so I thought it would be fitting if we used fabric scraps to make our bunting flags ~ besides the fact that my mom was donated tons of them for her art class. Here's a few pics of my creations:

Country right? Well, you konw what they say:
 you can take the girl outta the country, but you can't take the country outta the girl!
I found some fab cardboard letters and have a "beer" flag for the kegs, must post pic.

Sunday, April 18

Happy Sunday

{a beautiful belly and an almost birthday}

Our little Laila will be one in a week.  I've been having a few of those "this time last year" moments lately.
This time last year I looked closer to the photo above..... 

For anyone on this journey ~ enjoy it and find the beauty in the miracle that is growing inside you.

photo credit: Lucy Hobbs

Tuesday, April 13

Our Wooden Family


I'm happy to have completed our cake topper, above us, obviously and below, the girls.


Sunday, April 11

DIY Projects

(via feather love photography)

A gorgeous wedding caught my eye this morning as I was browsing The Bride's Cafe, a site that I haven't visited frequently enough to go "oh I've seen that before". Although, I have already seen this wedding before, because its lovely enough to make a few wedding blog rounds.
I tried on the dress she is wearing - Jenny Yoo I believe - it was the first dress I tried and I really liked it, I felt like a grecian goddess. It was the dress that had my mom been with me she would have said - that's it, just get it. And maybe even, "I'll buy it for you." But, she wasn't with me and I wasn't done looking yet.
I love the vintage quality of the photos, the personal style of the whole event, and some tasty treats that look like they're from Pix, what fun!

Projects I am working on:

Naked Peggies Family - painting our wedding day attire on our cake topper family
Bunting Flags from scraps of Paisley lightweight Pendleton my mom has access too with corrugated cardboard letters attached
Chalkboard painting a window or two for wedding signs from a stack of windows in our backyard
Making a Chicken wire seating card holder from chicken wire in our backyard
(I should change my blog to Car Tires and Chicken Wire, it would be more appropriate!)
Finishing my birdcage veil

Almost 2 months away, and we're 1700 lbs closer to getting our yard cleaned out. It barely made a dent in the piles that's how much crap we have!

Tuesday, April 6

A Real Vintage Wedding

Aren't these two adorable? These are my parents, circa 1973. They were married in Eugene, Oregon at the Lutheran Church my mom attended.

I wish she had a close-up of her dress...its white eyelet over yellow cotton, she made my dad's outfit as well. Talk about a DIY bride! Anyone you know of sewing their groom's attire? I think not.

She baked her own lemon wedding cake, look that those cute, tiny tiers! And made sheet cake to serve her guests.

Young lovers....they were only 20 I believe.....and they were so cool, too.

I think this may be the blue VW bus they once had. Do I see curtains on that window?

My cute mom and dad, gotta love em!

Sunday, April 4

I love a morning starting out this way...

Perfect waffles, warm berries, strong coffee, yes. This is what Sunday mornings are all about. And its Easter, and I'm not working (unusual).

Sharing it with this little girl is even better!

Yesterday's photos show our backyard, in its rustic state of existence. I've accepted that we may have our reception in dirt and as long as it doesn't rain on June 19th that is okay.

I would however like to see our piles of debris disappear. This will happen ~ it won't take but a day when we finally get to it.

Oh boy.