Friday, August 13

Could it be? And a music share

The spell is broken!

I haven't looked at Style me Pretty, Ruffled, OnceWed, GreenWeddingShoes or any other stuffy bridal inspiration blog in 2 whole days?!?

To think that I've detoxed off these sights so quickly after my wedding!*

This calls for a beer.

*denotes sarcasm

 This has been my wedding song since before I even met my husband.

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  1. I quick looking at those dang sites about a month before my wedding - I think THEY gave me some of those anxiety/insecurity issues I battled with before the big day. It's tough to have a simple wedding when I chose to bombard myself with those blogs!! I deleted them from my site looooong ago. Congrats!!! Welcome to the "other side!"