Thursday, August 5

From Seeds and Stiches

I just finished reading this post:

Note from a 5 year old marriage...


And wanted to share it with my readers, in case they aren't following seeds already.  There seem to be so many posts post-wedding that I can't agree more with regarding the aesthetic and expectations of a wedding day. I like that she addresses her thankfulness at not having wedding blogs during her planning to further increase these visions and pressures. And that so many people are having lovely weddings that aren't what we see day to day on all these blogs. 

Still, obviously, so many people are having these types of weddings. 

But, being here now, 6 weeks post wedding, I'm proud of the work we did, we carried out our intention of love and family, and the responses we've received from our guests support those feelings. We accomplished not only throwing ourselves a wedding (with friends and family helping immensely of course!) but we've accomplished a year and a half of an awesome marriage, filled with new jobs, new baby, a broken toe, financial gain and loss, tearing out a wall and a chimney together, celebrating our first anniversary, as well as landscaping our yard and other small home improvements. But most of all, its the end of the day, when we have our customized bowls of popcorn, and sit on the couch with each other, taking turns putting the kids to bed, and just enjoying being together.


  1. I love this - thank you so much for linking to it! Wise words. It's a strange (and lovely, but still strange) world we've created online, with all the blogs featuring weddings influenced by blog-featured-weddings. LOL. I definitely feel like it can be a danger... to want to try and craft something perfect and beautiful and... immobile. Like a museum piece of a wedding, a still life, with no room for accidents, bad weather or ugly chairs. I actually thought to myself on the day, "is there any way we can get rid of these trash cans?! How come you never see trash cans in blog weddings??" which is dumb, because trash cans are trash cans - they aren't there for aesthetic appeal, LOL. Thankfully, I came to my senses. ;)

  2. Thank you for your lovely post!

    And also I just saw your wedding and its absolutely lovely. so so so lovely- with your kids and in your home, and your dress and the bouquet and the path laid by your husband from your chimney wall?! wow.

  3. I didn't realize how it formatted, not such a clear seperation between the link and my post, I apologize, will fix that asap!

    hannah ~ thanks for being okay with me linking and for having such a good blog!

    Margaret - so true, a still life with no room for accidents, or reality! funny we have no photos of our kegs, which were in garbage cans!

  4. it sounds lovely, jasper. congratulations again!

    i love hannah's wedding.

  5. Jasper - I can't find your email on your profile - email me I have a question for you