Friday, November 20

Our Courthouse Wedding

I wanted to blog our wedding more officially......

We're almost 2 months shy of our one year
anniversary. I must say, when we got married I wasn't thinking about anything other than getting to the court house on time and just keeping it together. I'm thankful that my mom took some photos. They capture the wintery Portland day that surrounded us. A light drift of snow covered the streets and grass.

Courthouse 3
But we were warm and cozy inside....
Courthouse 1
The judge spoke very quickly, perhaps because we were at least 30 minutes late, or perhaps that's just his style. Still, the words held meaning and it wasn't without emotion.
Courthouse 2

Courhouse Extras

Afterward, in perfect pregnant craving style, we went for Reuben's and dessert at Roses Delicatessen on NW 23rd Ave.
Courthouse 4

Tuesday, November 17

Dreams, Dresses and Pumpkin Bread Pudding

This morning after running out of pancake batter I remembered my Pumpkin Bread Pudding in the fridge from a couple of days ago. I heated up the piece in the oven, then topped it with chocolate chips, powdered sugar and a drizzle of maple syrup! It was quite delicious. I do plan on working out today, at least for 30 minutes.

But I needed that comforting hug-of-a-breakfast after having my first bridal nightmare. The day of the wedding had arrived much to my surprise, and everyone was gathered waiting for me to walk down the aisle. I was getting dressed and had no bra to wear, my slip was red and had straps (my dress is strapless) and I never bought shoes to wear! On top of that my maid of honor/best friend/caker maker/catering organizer had completely forgotten about my wedding and gone shopping! gasp! What a nightmare. I was crying, feeling like a failure, asking my mom how could we possibly push the wedding back a week with out-of-town guests?

Oh my. I never thought I would have anxiety creep in my sleep over my wedding. Really.

What its telling me, though, is that I better go bra and shoe shopping right away!!! Ha ha.

Friday, November 6

Save - The - Dates!

Some of you (probably all of my readers at this point) will be receiving a save-the-date card like this one, or a variation thereof. I'm all about free, cute, and clever ways to execute all the paper goods I'll be needing for the wedding and these were created at If you go there you will become addicted quickly. Which I why I made a few of them and sent them out randomly.

Printable postcards: $25
Postage: .28 cents times (x)

Thursday, November 5


I recently spotted this lovely poetry form on a wedding blog featuring a sweet Portland couple.

The bride graciously emailed me the file that she and her husband created themselves! Thank you dearly Haylie, and picture props go to Rachel Thurston, based in Utah I believe. Who just posted some great pics of Portland from her trip up here.

So, family and friends, expect to see these forms on your table, and write me some damn good haiku!!