Wednesday, September 8

Who Am I Kidding?

I love weddings! I love looking at them, they still make my heart swell and my eyes a little watery. I can't help myself........

With the kids starting school, and throwing myself full force into work it is good that I don't have too much time on my hands, otherwise I just might try to plan another wedding.

My daughter's 13th birthday party is this Saturday. Let's see what I can pull out of my hat. She brought home a small chocolate fountaing (tacky! and I have no idea where it came from) a few years ago and I've refused to bring it out of hiding. But, this is the right occasion. What do I put inside it? Chocolate chips? Almond bark? I feel like there some special melting chocolate, hmmm off to a decorette shop to do some scavenging.

                       {circa 1 year ago}

My little bean is cuter than ever. She finally decided to walk on her own and her personality has skyrocketed!  Besides getting up at O'Dark thirty she's a loveable, hilarious little gal. That and we've officially weaned, which I occasionaly feel a tinge of regret over but not really.

Oh, and I'm about to run smack into 30. Oh. Frick. I don't even know what to do with myself. I feel like I should have a killer party, a costume party even, as I've never done that before and was born the day before Halloween.

If I had the money I would rent out The Press Club, a literary cafe/crepe house in Se Portland that is declicious and small-ish but would be an ideal venue. Alas, maybe for my 40th?

And I'm feeling really boring lately. The constant job of motherhood and house cleaning and wifedom makes for a dull Jasper. I haven't figured out how to bring myself into the social scene again, it costs twice as much to go out now w/out kids cause I have to pay for a baby sitter too! Grrrrr
Or, if I leave my husband home and fun w/out him and vice-versa, and we don't get any socializing time together, it leads to seeing each other as boring, or maybe just I feel that way. But I don't see the point of getting to know someone and having a great time with them and then you get married/have kids/work to hard and all you can do is try to have a great time w/out them cause someone has to stay at home with the kids. Or I'm too tired to go out anyway cause i've been up since 5:30am. Just venting a reality check for y'all thinking of breeding. It truly is the best thing though, don't let my pity party disuade you.


  1. what a badass birthday you have!! LOVE the costume party idea - make it one hottt outfit!!

    as for chocolate fountains...I went to a wedding that had one...I never left that table. I swear to God I was in heaven.

  2. Haha yes my junior prom had a chocolate fountain and it was delicious! I think i've become more a germaphobe since then, and the thought of recycled melted chocolate that people hands and half eaten pretzels have ran under kinda creeps me out.

  3. all that, right there. that's the sort of humdrum of life i'm pumped for. sure it's exhausting, but it seems so rewarding.

  4. do your house up in antique-haunted-house-chic and have the party there! it'll be perfect!

  5. you guys always make me feel better.

    Julie - hilarious! I shall use the labels for "witches brew" and "goblin goo" and paper straws and black and orange bunting! And you can make the pom poms? Martha stewart would be proud.

    Angie- it is rewarding, and I remember feeling a bored and lonely before I had the hubby, 2 more children. Being able to cuddle on the couch with my love every night is what I've always wanted and now I have it.