Friday, June 25

What We Did Do

                               {my auntie's cute shoes}

I'm still lamenting at the small decor details and large lack-of-tunes details surrounding the wedding. To forgive myself I am acknowledging some key factors

1. I have children, they take time, money, and energy away from spending my time however I wish.
2. It rained pretty much the whole month of May and June, so my cleaning and painting windows with chalkboard paint, making a chicken wire name card holder, etc just didn't happen.
3. We spend pretty much all of our time and resources into getting the yard ready for the wedding. I'm serious, the last overhaul cost a grand.
4. With my husband busy putting up the tarp the whole day of the wedding I couldn't exactly have him come down and help me with other little things.
5. On your wedding day, if you're anything like me and easily overwhelmed, it seems damn near impossible to get anything done, just keep in those tears and know that everything will be okay.
6. I forgot to ask people to do a toast or say a speech. How hard would that have been?
7. We didn't sing our duet to our wedding guests. Boo!
8. I didn't get our seating chart done
9. I didn't put up our family photos
10. We didn't have a photo booth ( I REALLY wanted this!)
11. We didn't get our playlists together for mingling or our recessional - geez how many times can I repeat myself?
12. We didn't get photos by the train yard, or with the chickens, or at some industrial building, or with classic cars, or in silly poses with our bridal party, etc etc.
13. We didn't do a "first look"

Here's what we did do:

1. I ordered and painted our cake topper
2. I made miles of pendleton bunting
3. I sourced and cleaned (with my sisters help) a gazillion mason jars
4. I picked through my mom's tin can collection and cleaned them
5. I DIY our invitations
6. I printed a couple hundred haiku forms
7. I made 20 kids activity books
8. I ordered and cut out 90 something custom tattoos
9. Various shopping
10. I had the leads in my dad's band perform a song he wrote as our processional
11. I sang a song with the band that we rehearsed once 3 weeks before the wedding.
12. I put up a mirror, table, wash bowls, watcher pitcher and soap outside the porta-potty's
13. My cake was perfect!
14. We customized our whole ceremony.
15. I saved and washed baby food jars for tea lights, although not even half of them got on the tables. Grrr

I promise I will stop whining soon. The OCD in me just has to relive these details with a certain level of anxiety before I can move on, it will happen, I'll be done and over it, I promise.


  1. I'm actually having a hard time figuring out how to organize my recaps. So many things didn't go as planned, but it didn't bug me...however I feel like a complainer if I blog about those details.

    I like how you did this - did/didn't do lists.

  2. I want to see more pictures...where are they all, you know, the candid ones, the ones your family took.

  3. you did so so much!!! I know how you feel though. I still can't quite wrap my head around all of the things I failed to do. that is part of why I still haven't posted much of my wedding. But, with every day that you feel the regrets and shouldas come up, sit down and make a list of all of the amazing dids and beautiful moments. even if you find yourself repeating those same awesome bits over and over, the regrets come up over and over too. and if you are anything like me, you start punishing yourself over your own regrets. it's an evil downward spiral.
    I can't wait so see more pics! those shoes really are fab too!

  4. ps. we should live closer. wine is so "helpful."

  5. My darling sis....I feel your pain! I so wanted to be able to do so many of these things for you but then yard work and man power took over and I was on kid duty instead. I'm glad we at least got to do hair somewhat together before I had to ditch you! :) at least you got that chance to write your vows and what cute pics that made!
    when I saw the original (VHS) video of our wedding I realized how the groomsmen weren't ushering people to their seats and was going "grrr" For our 10th anniversary Roland had it converted to DVD and the editing the people did in the process took that part out. I don't think anyone else remembers that lack of "gentlemanliness" about my wedding...but it bugged me forever...and see, I still haven't forgotten...but it doesn't irk at me like before.
    we could make awesome partners in a wedding coordinator business...don't ya think? :)