Tuesday, June 22

Three Days After

The feeling to continually list out and moan about all of our didn't-haves is fading, or maybe the fact that my husband and I are trying to finish off the kegs with round the clock drinking clouds the brain. We've had some bad energy with the caterer, this is in the process of resolution (revolution?) and has definitely put me in a sour mood the last couple days, but that is slowly fading too.

I'm left with the knowledge that weddings happen whether you have everything ready you wanted to or not. And I didn't heed other brides' advice (no matter how often I read it) to do things as early as possible so they are finished and you aren't frantically trying to do it all the day before, the day of, or even the week of. I thought I had all the time in the world.

I also wonder how different it feels to leave your wedding venue, not wake up the next morning and deal with all the aftermath, or the memories good and bad.

But overall, when I thing about everything, I'm so proud of the work we did leading up to the day, and all the amazing hands we had helping make it a reality the day off.

We agreed though, if you have the money, hire a wedding coordinator.


  1. I experienced some of these feelings too (esp. about dealing with the aftermath of the venue) and how it all happens whether or not you feel ready logistically. I decided that having a day of coordinator would have been a wonderful thing. Oh well. You live and learn. :)

  2. I can't wait to see more pictures of your day! And even though it wasn't perfect you still married the man you love and it's not about the wedding but the marriage.

  3. Your dress is all that and a Marc Jacob bag

  4. @Aventures - a coworker told me today that she listed out all her disappointments from her wedding, sealed them in an envelope and threw it away. its comforting to know other people have the same feelings ~ and imperfect weddings.

    @bridalhood - i married him a year and a half ago, so i feel like it was all about the wedding. *sigh* maybe that's where my heart isn't the right place

    @cupcake - thanks, i'm reallyhappy with the way it turned out.

  5. first, you look gorgeous! second, no matter how many people say what you should do, we all have our own schedules and abilities to do. After writing out and analyzing list after list, I still ignored things that I should have taken care of and wrote off things I should have put on the list. plus the blogs and magazines are so full of "great ideas" how can we possibly be so decisive and together about it? that's why wedding coordinators have jobs, it's too fucking complicated! it just is.
    but regardless of what we think about our receptions and planning abilities, the ceremony is always the best isn't it? if I could relive that one moment even a couple more times in my life (with the same man of course)...

  6. You are gorgeous!! I can't wait to see more photos and I'm disappointed that I found your blog after your wedding, but no matter, I'm excited now!