Saturday, June 26

My Bouquet

                     {blurry pic sorry}

The story goes like this..... I never planned or budgeted for flowers. First, we were going to grow them. But then we decided to gather or buy some the morning of. I had intended on making a few herbal boutonnieres for the boys and family, but that never happened. My mom stopped by the local farmers market on her way to our house and picked up a few bunches of brightly colored flowers. I never communicated to her that I preferred softer, more neutral colors, but no matter.
My husband's grooms maid split and arranged them into about 18 different bottles and vases. I came back to the house an hour or so before the wedding and casually mentioned to Katy that I didn't have a bouquet. I never intended NOT to have a bouquet, it was just one of those things that never got planned. In fact, the most recent thought was that I'd have my hubby put one together for me (he has some experience, don't fret!) But, of course, you already know how our day went.
So his sweet and awesome friend/grooms lady looked at me wide-eyed and said "What? You don't have a BOUQUET?!" And proceeded to pull flowers out of vases, and took scissors to our rose bush and the neighbors' garden. It was her first bouquet. She tied ribbon around the stems and I handed her an old lacy trim piece I had worn as a hair accessory for years to go around the ribbon. I am eternally grateful.  And I think it turned out quite lovely! The pop of color against my dress and the overcast sky was perfect.


  1. Yep, it's gorgeous! While hunting the web, I always find the most messy and wild bouquets to be the most fabulous. and yours does not look like a big ol mess. it looks lovely

  2. Its ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmazing I want to wear it around my neck

  3. Yes it was lovely...and I was there when she presented it to you...unbeknownst to me the story behind it. Thank you Katy!