Friday, June 4

What if It rains?

We have had record breaking rainfall lately, going on a month now and I have to say it is making me uber depressed. Oregon isn't one of the happiest places on earth to start but we generally have beautiful its just lagging along in this dreariness which isn't doing me or anyone else any favors. I still haven't gotten my garden done, and its very difficult to do any yard work or porch work in the rain.
So with two weeks till the wedding, I'm starting to think about what we do if its raining on our day. We don't have a back-up plan. We can't fit 125 people in our house, or afford to rent a tent large enough to fit everybody under.
I know things will work out, I'm not stressing about it, cause that doesn't help matters, but I am thinking about it. Part (most) of me is planning on the weather being dry, if not sunny, at least dry. Even if the forecast calls for rain rain rain every frickin' last day of the next week.
Farmer's Almanac predicts June 16-19th to be Fair. Aiy yi yi! What does fair mean? I'll take overcast. I'd be thrilled with overcast at this point!
This lack of motivation has me just staring at my to-do list and between nap times, changing, feeding and grocery shopping when can I even get things done, realistically?
My husband is so side tracked and in and out of the house all the time we don't even have our ceremony or vows put together yet and he thinks he's going to refinish the front steps, build back stairs and finish off the deck, make a brick pathway, build a stage, fix our chicken coup and till and barkdust the other unattractive areas of our yard, all in the next two weeks? Ha!
 Why do I have to feel so poopy right now? My baby won't nap, I'm disgruntled about work, and I can't even catch a break to exercise for 30 minutes, which would make me feel loads better.


Okay I've vented.


  1. I'm feeling you on this rain thing... I have a feeling though that it will be beautiful in two weeks... just 'cause it's your wedding... lol... and us Portland-ers will have you to thank! =)

  2. ask David to come help you, he's done with finals after tomorrow night!