Wednesday, June 23

The Big Top

Oregon is notorious for irratic and unpredictable weather patterns. Case in point: Our wedding day said sunny and mid-70's until the Tuesday before. Then it said scattered showers and low 60's. Are you kidding me? This created more stress around our wedding than it deserved. But, we had to be prepared. So the night before, my husband ran to home depot and bought the largest tarp they had - 40ftx60ft and some 2by4's - and spent all day Saturday attaching it along our roof, cutting it around trees and tieing it up. The result made me want to cry cry cry! I was in such a bad mood, this ruined the vision of my day, but I can't control the weather.
In the end, it did rain, barely. We probably could have gotten away without tarp city, but as my mom repeatedly told me "It gives people a sense of security and makes it warmer in here" plus we had band equipment and instruments. Had it rained and we were unprepared? Wedding OVER.

So, alas, I await my wedding pics wondering just how atrocious of an eye-sore this tarp is going to be!

Oh the things we can't control.......

P.S. That ladder my husband is on isn't connected to anything at the top. It is held up merely by the tension of the tarp, which is why there's a group of people steadying it. And do you see what he's doing? Wrapping it with tiny white christmas lights! I had a christmas lit ladder in the middle of my reception magically standing upright.
P.P.S. Until later in the night when the wind blew the corner of the tarp down and the ladder crashed to the ground. It was loud, and kinda crazy, and nothing was in the way, not a table or a plate or a small child, or a big child. Double whew!


  1. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

  2. that is truly amazing. and it may not have been your vision, but it looks so cool! that's why people rent tents. they are fun. especially with xmas lights!