Thursday, January 21


You may have seen this image around... it is Cori from August and After wearing a beautiful red silk bolero from Mary and Angelika on Etsy.

After seeing images of her wedding and gorgeousness I immediately sought out her shrug and decided I would buy it in blue. I showed Devin and he didn't like. Humph. But, like everything else in our wedding, things have changed since the planning begun and now I am in love with the knit sweater shrug!

Below are just examples of what I have found while perusing Etsy:

I've already asked a co-worker/friend if she would knit me a sweet cap-sleeve shrug for my wedding day and after (and maybe before?)
Here are some of her creations:

Heidi - you need your own Etsy!


  1. I REALLY like that green one! It's funny, our wedding colors are blue and yellow... but I'm also a big fan of green.... I guess it makes sense. ;)

  2. OMG. You are so lucky. I have not seen your dress but I suggest a ballet wrap-esq cardigan. With three quarter length sleeves instead of cap sleeves. But I am bossy like that.

  3. i love the green one too - super cute!