Thursday, January 21

And she wore a flower in her hair....

Okay, self portrait not-so-great, but I wanted to clip my flower in and wear it. I'm thinking that the feather comb/veil will be for the ceremony and then perhaps because I'll be afraid that it will fall out, or I won't want netting in my face that I'll switch to this flower. In the meantime I'm going to try to wear it everyday, cause hey, why not?

Feeling a little self-conscious about posting a close up of my face on here. For some reason I like some anonymity on blogs. Its like reading a book, I can imagine the characters myself, if you show me a picture it ruins it somehow.


  1. ah but this is such a beautiful face. Every person will benefit from resting their eyes upon such elegance.

  2. Looks so awesome. Yes. Definately think so.

  3. I like the color too! And yes, agree with Micah - you're so pretty.

    Thanks so much for your support about the classifieds section my blog!

  4. Micah, you are such the flatter-er!