Friday, January 22

Friday's Musings

My dress.
Is nothing like this.
And, yet this is closer to it than anything else I can find out there. Now don't get your hopes up cause if you do you will be disappointed when you see it, not that I'm dissing on my dress (do people even say that word anymore?) but it has about 90% less of those awesome ruffley rows, and it has a completely different cut (shape) and it is lace.
But. I love this dress.
You can't find it on JCrew anymore which leads me to believe many a lady love this dress too. I'm sure it was in the $1-2,000 range. At least.

I wanted to share something on a food related issue ~

These photos are the reason I have the Little Red Bike Cafe blog on my reader list. But can you believe I haven't actually eaten there yet?  It is on my to-do list for sure.

Mmmmm....banana cake:

And Huevos Rancheros: Breakfast anyone?

We will be on Mt.Hood enjoying a night away and celebrating our one-year anniversary this weekend! Have a great one!


  1. Mmmm.... I'll go! lol Haven't tried, or even heard of, this place yet!

  2. i did individual butterscotch banana cream pies today for a special. and i think that dress is pretty, but not sexy; i think you are going to look sensational because you are super sexy and have great taste.

  3. Um. Woman, you trying to kill my diet? My seamstress says I have lost an inch since my last fitting. I have been doing so by not eating. This post is SO not helping. I cannot wait for this wedding to be over. Hello, cherry pie!

  4. This food looks wonderlisheous!!!
    Hi sweetie. I'm glad you're having sooooo much fun planning your wedding. All of the things you have picked out are lovely. I'm crazy about the shoes. Too cool for words. But honestly, no matter what you wear you will be breathtaking. You've got the kind of fresh beauty that makes anyone who appreciates pretty take in their breath!
    Love, your long lost auntie Cheryl aka Chaz

  5. Hey there! Love the dress and the food looks delish! Hope all your dreams come true.

  6. hope you had a lovely lovely anniversary & a wonderful night away up on the mountain!