Friday, January 15

DIY Veil

With my mom's convincing and a little bit of confidence and inspiration I have decided to make my birdcage veil myself (or rather have my mother make it for me!) There are instructions for veil making everywhere, but this one has some nice photos to go along with it. French or Russian veil netting is inexpensive and super cute - I bought a yard of both 9" and 18" wide yesterday so we can play with length and poof and have a little room to mess up if that so happens.
Mom and I met up at Anthropologie yesterday and I left with this in a taupe-ish gold color:

And this in white with some pink floral fabric pieces although the green really speaks to me. I'm avoiding shipping costs and the hassle of mailing returns if it doesn't really work out. crossing my fingers!

I will unveil (haha) the finished product when we're done! And if all fails, I have a few fun hair accessories to wear around town. If you aren't in the mood to make-your-own, but still want a cute, sassy, or dramatic hair plume check out Twigs and Honey and Smitten on etsy.

I'll leave you with a gorgeous photo courtesy of Smitten:

Happy Weekend everyone!

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