Monday, October 19

Things I should be doing

I'm getting too excited and spending much time thinking about the decor of the day, whether to have seating cards, what the wedding party should wear, when Devin and I should start taking dance lessons......etc etc.

What I really need to work on is 1) our guest list 2) save-the-date cards and 3) finding an officiant 4) our ipod list. We will have a live band during the reception for a couple hours, but after they play, instead of hiring a dj, we're going to DIY with a mix of some good music to keep people dancing.

Why oh why am I not so excited about doing this? I'm afraid once I start delving into all the to-do work it will never end. I don't like long, tedious projects. I don't want any aspect of my wedding to feel tedious!

On a super positive note, we rented a CAT this weekend and ripped out bushes, shrubs, trees, roots, and odd-and-ends that were hiding amongst the foliage. It appears that we just sorta pushed our mess around the yard, but soon soon soon it will be beautiful!

This photo is about 5 months old, fence in initial stages, yard debris galore, and jill's garden in pots since the ground wasn't ready for them:

I don't have a pic to the left of this, of the yard area behind our house, but it is the absolute WORST!! Dirt about 18" higher than the rest of the yard and filled with tree stumps, weeds, an old metal pump that I think used to be part of a well, and some small tree-like bushes that were already ripped out once.
Getting started:

Making some headway! Laila was a big help....

I have one more "finished" photo on my phone but I couldn't send it to my email :P so whatever. We still have plenty of work to do before we really have a yard. But I now have my garden plot behind the house where we get the most sun, all I have to do now is grow a green thumb.


  1. Please feel honored--this is the first blog I have ever read (and Eleanor's first, too!)--I like it! what a fantastic way to keep people updated (am I out-of-touch with the times, or what?). That is a very exciting thing about moving the dirt around the yard...I have no doubt it'll be beautiful soon--and I love the plans you have for the wedding..especially the DJ as even after an interview you don"t always know what you are getting! Kas

  2. It's really fun to have something special to look forward to, isn't it?