Friday, October 23

Decor Part 1

I recently started saving our tin cans and glass jars instead of recyling them. I have months to store up potential wedding decor, but it makes me feel like I'm being productive every day, and saving money on table decorations. I love the rustic simple feel of the every day brought to a new use:

I love the the table layout here, the centerpieces are clean, quaint and functional ~ a bottle of wine at each table? Yes, I am going to do that! What a great idea. I think I'll have two. The chairs are made of fabric-covered logs. Aren't they adorable? We will be renting chairs.

I love this photo of multicolored flowers (aren't some of those ranunculus? I love ranunculus!) in different glass vases on a small wooded desk. Inspiration.

My dear friend Emily has given me all her red-ribbon wrapped vases and red painted votives to use at our wedding as well. Thank you emily!
We will definitely not be at a loss for pretty things!


  1. love the tin can idea! And don't forget I think mom still has all my pink vases if you wanted pink. wish i could save tin cans for you too! ha ha

  2. i'll have plenty of tin cans and glass bottles, don't save me any! i'll check with mom on the vases.

  3. I like the idea of tin cans too. Very trendy and very green!