Thursday, October 15

Things have been changing over the last year since our engagement and original date of Sept.5, 2009. That has come and gone my friends!

I am now in the inspiration and planning phase, which I better hussle on cause time is ticking and I need to be in the execution phase stat.

After looking into many many venues in Portland and the surrounding areas I came up with a handful of dreamy outdoor environments ~ some in vineyards with natural beauty galore and others in downtown buildings with rooftop patios and outdoor fireplaces.

So chic.

Unfortunately, rental prices and stipulations to use certain caterers forced us to cross these off our list. We have, once again, decided to host at our home.

This is not a Platimun Wedding folks! But endearing, personal and playful it will be.


  1. Hooray your blog! I am so happy. :)

  2. Oh goodie, another blog for me to read. I'm so honored that you invited me to share in your joy! Aunt Kathy