Thursday, October 15

Should we be doing this? Of COURSE.

With three children and a house payment, throwing ourselves a wedding seems like the most self-indulgent thing to do right now, and yet so very necessary! I will share with you my giddy excitement as I'm overwhelmed with inspiration, as well as my nail-biting frenzy when things are ridiculously stressful.


  1. Aww...I love your blog! Its so real and honest... so budget friendly, thats awesome...and your family just looks like you all love each other so much!! We are just excited that we are able to get be able to pull off a wedding, it doesnt matter that we can't have letterpress invites :) So congrats! Isn't this process fun?! We found the jars actually near Camas, Washington on craigslist- an estate sale and IKEA plates in portland...super cheap. How did you get your rentals (tables,linens,chairs) for so cheap?!