Monday, September 13

I was alll the Buzz

Okay I'm making light of this situation, but it was seriously scary. Have you ever been shocked? I mean like whole-body-taken-over-by-robotic-aliens-who-are-frying-you-with-their-zappers shocked? Of course I was stupidly hanging up christmas lights barefoot on wet grass and picked them up near broken bulb/exposed wire which didn't immediately make contact until I had a hammer and nail in one hand and looped the string of lights around my finger to nail to a tree.
For the first few seconds of not realizing what was happening it felt just like the description above. According to my husband and daughter I was screaming bloody murder so the whole neighborhood could hear. I couldn't see anything until it clicked in my brain that I was being electrocuted and I pulled off the lights with my other hand. I have no idea if I clenched my eyes shut in reaction to the sensation freaking the crap out of me or if the voltage zapping my body caused temporary blindness?
So I ran, I screamed, I was shaking, my arms muscles hurt for a bit, then my legs, then I folded myself on the ground and cried a bit. I do that, I cry to release freaked-out-ness among plenty of other emotions. I had a red slightly swollen hand for a bit, and a burn on my finger, and even yesterday woke up unable to make a fist and my left arm got tired easily and couldn't take much pressure before aching. 
Household voltage is not that dangerous, but the force of a zinger is dependent on how reactive your tissues are, whether you're wet or dry (duh) and how far and where the current travels.
 I managed to supply the right conditions for a whopper of conductivity!

Oh maiya, it was all worth it, your birthday was lovely.


  1. oh my gawd, that is SO scary. i'm glad you're ok!

  2. I'm so glad you're ok. I haven't been shocked that bad, but my dad did convince me to grab an electric fence when I was younger, I still remember the pain today..

  3. Oh my goodness. I am glad you are okay. Getting electrocuted is a scary thing indeed.