Thursday, September 9

I pulled out my scarf hanger

Yes, I have a scarf hanger. I figure I may as well continue to write about my humdrum and fabulous life.
I have many places I stash "things". Whatever they may be. So as I dug out the next size up from laila's hand-me-downs that I've hidden in a trunk in the living room, it meant I had to make room in the big gray bin tucked next to her crib for all of the too-smalls to go. And so, I found at the bottom my scarf hanger affixed with many colorful and some hand-created neck wraps.

It is too bad that a week ago I would be freak to don one of these and go out in public, but our weather has already turned and that means I can do whatever I please.

There is one I'm toying with tossing ~ remember when funny yarn was so popular? That polyester thread yarn with all the little hairs that when knit together made this fake-furry-boa looking thing? I made one out of black sparkly yarn. It truly is hideous and fantastic at the same time and only appropriate for a drag queen or a costume.

My sugar bean had a rough night of sleeping and was prompty awake by 6am this morning, and I begrudginly fell out of bed, lifted her out of the crib careful not to slam her lengthening legs against the bars and turned on Dora after she shreaked so loud it must have woken the neighbors. Erg. I got a few seconds of blurry-eyed rest on the couch before giving in to coffee and the start of my day.

As we speak she is pulling at my shirt and touching my nipples while wedging her feet in my armpits and wrapping her body around my side trying to get into nursing position. erg. That's how good weaning is going. I think she's frustrated at her ever growing body and how she doesn't fit into places as well as she used too which = more abuse to me.


  1. i love this post and furry/hairy scarves and frustrated babies who just want the tit.

    there is so much fun and beauty and humor in life, it's nice to see that people don't let it pass them by.