Wednesday, July 28

Table Details

We kept our table centerpieces small, simple, and free. Everything we used was sourced from my mom's house, tin cans, doilies, old spools, glass bottles. She even sewed the table runners from more Pendleton wool scraps that had been donated to her art class. I wasn't concerned if they were perfect, so we left the pinking edges and didn't worry if they weren't perfectly straight.

The haiku forms were great, I found another stack yesterday hidden in a tin. They were written by my husbands family and some of my not-so-appropriate co-workers! Smile.

{All images Chris Lae Photography}


  1. Beautiful. And I LOVE that it looks just as good as those damn inspiration sites, perhaps better, but you didn't spend a penny.

  2. Wow, your mom has some fantastic antiques! I love old tins, esp. as centerpieces. Angie's right - I totally thought these photos were "inspiration" ones until I read the post! So pretty.

  3. I love the tins...what a unique contribution your mother made to your very special day!