Thursday, May 20

Wedding Nightmare #3 or 4

It was my wedding day, we were somewhere along the coast at a park and somehow time got away with me. I looked at the clock and it was 20 minutes to 6pm, guests had arrive almost 2 hours ago! I looked out the window and they were mingling and eating and drinking, but I wasn't ready at all and couldn't find what I needed to wear. I kept grabbing odd things like arm warmers and socks.
I ran outside away from the guests and called the photographer who wasn't there. His girlfriend answered and told me he was at a golfing trip in San something-or-other and was laughing at me!
My groom wasn't exactly lost but wasn't in the dream either.
And I thought I wasn't stressing.


  1. don't worry. it was just a dream. we all have/had them. especially when we were the most "relaxed." just know, none of those things are going to happen. none of them.

  2. and let me know if you want me to swear on my blog for you... ;-)

  3. i had a dream about your wedding last night! there was lots of singing and ruffly pink skirts.

  4. I had crazy bad wedding dreams even AFTER the silly shindig. How annoying.