Tuesday, May 11

Tuesday Wedding (Wedding Tuesday)

Tuesday's are my official day off, no work, no kids except the baby, and its my time to put some energy towards this wedding. Three things I want to unofficially work on today are our ceremony, bunting flags and votives.

For our ceremony I've pieced some readings and greetings together for our officiant, who is a friend of my husbands ~ think friar tuck in stature, with a sweet comedic disposition. He had to ponder our request for a few days but eventually agreed! We love our friends. Devin and I will forgo the ring ceremony and repeating our I DO's but instead we are incorporating our promises into our personal vows for each other. We spent a long soak in our think tank - hot tub - on Mother's Day and talked about how things would go. I had no idea he was so excited about the ceremony. He certainly has his wants and dislikes and told me he wants our vows to make people cry and see our great our bond of love. Ahhhh So Sweet!!

I've been saving baby food jars for votive holders or perhaps to create an outdoor chandelier. I also like the look of book pages or newsprint wrapped around each jar. As a bit of a word-nerd, I would love to incorporate all sorts of book-y and poetry-esque elements of design into our wedding.

As far as the bunting flags go......I made a post earlier with those wool plaid scraps I haphazardly cut at angles and stapled to cotton string? Yeah.....hmmm. I have this eternal war inside me between the casual comforts of anything goes vs. a little more elegant and pretty. Even when I was picking plates (rimmed vs. no rim).
I've always been afraid to be "stuffy". This carries over into every aspect of my life.
But, I regress, so I'm not going to use the wool plaid, but instead the gorgeous jewel and gold toned paisley lightweight pendelton that my mother initially intended for me to use before I saw the plaid and wanted it for some reason.

Now that I've published my to-do list its time to get crackin'! After coffee, breakfast and a shower of course!

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  1. You're doing it the right way. Just be who you are and mix a few stuffy things in if (and only if) you love them. Who ever said rust and crystal weren't a perfect match? *smiles* Unexpected combinations are totally charming, and from what I see, so are you and your family.

    Congratulations from the Crows Nest!