Wednesday, May 19

A Month to Go

I'm feeling like I should write the obligatory "one-month countdown" post. But, I don't have anything new to say, or any pretty pictures or favorite weddings to post about. I'm still worried my dress isn't flattering or sexy enough. we haven't purchased groomsman vests, I'm not even going to THINK about flowers until a couple days before the wedding. And I need to get money together to pay the caterer 1/2 down by monday.

Instead I'm filling my time with gardening (my first garden!), making cookies, kissing baby cheeks, and getting increasingly nervous about my July 9th pole dance recital.

I've actually come to really appreciate having other things to focus on as the wedding draws near. It reminds me that life continues on after the day is over. And that besides sewing table runners, making votive holders out of baby food jars and other various DIY projects, I really don't have anything left to do.


  1. A pole dance recital? lol That sounds like a blast! I've thought about taking classes before... but I didn't realize there were recitals! =)

  2. let me know if you want help with flowers - i booked my flight yesterday, so would be happy to help friday and/or saturday...
    i'm excited to be able to come for your day!! and also, kudos on the pole dancing :-)

  3. Is it okay that I am cracking up at the words "pole dance recital"?! After the "baking cookies and kissing baby cheeks," you make it sound quite as wholesome as a piano recital. ;)

  4. It is incredibly good to have other things to occupy your time. and I know, having never seen your dress, that your dress is sexy and flattering enough. you will be beautiful and lovely and most likely incredibly strong if you are doing pole dancing as a hobby...