Wednesday, May 5

So Ready...

We are just over 6 weeks away from the big day. And you know what happens? You get kinda tired of the overwhelming self-indulgent wedding-planning-inspiration-gathering-obsession but you can't stop. Its weird. I almost begrudgingly look at the same 10 bridal blogs everyday, most of the time bored out of my mind, but its ritual now. And every ONCE in awhile I go "oh look honey, that's our groomsman attire" or "brown paper on the tables just like we're doing" or something else affirming me that I'm doing okay planning this whole thing.
Of course I'm doing okay, there's no wrong answer! 
At this point its just about paying people and setting things up. Calling those who haven't RSVP'd and nailing them down. And perhaps looking into renting a porta poddy, oh and verifying our rental contract - I never got an email with our changes - probably something I should look into.
I posted a couple times about our yard. We are ready to seed, finally. This is a huge relief for me. Also an ouchy $1,000 we just dropped on equipment rentals and hauling away debris to get it to this point. I was really stressing about this even though I couldn't care less if we have grass or not by June 19th. Its just nice to know there isn't much left for us to do, now its mother natures to beautify.
I finished up the last 10 or so invitations today that will go out tomorrow, because I was (and am) just too tired today to make it to the post office. I will NOT put those things in the mail box to go out.
Sure, I'm still going through the usual self-doubts: Is my dress flattering enough, did I set the wedding time too early, is everyone/thing going to fit, will people be entertained, is everything going to fall apart on the actual day-of because I don't have a coordinator, should I be scouring through vow ceremony's to find the perfect sayings and readings.  What if it isn't special enough? what if we leave something out??

Oh. God.

I'm letting myself off the hook for awhile.


  1. We're getting married June 20th and I feel *exactly* the same way.

    I feel like most of the big stuff is done, it's now a matter of organizing all the little pieces ... and a lot of that can't happen until the week of. I wish I could set up now, LOL!

    Every so often, there are moments of doubt (should we have picked 4pm?, Should we have hired musicians? maybe some other dress would've been prettier?), but at the same time, it feels kind of like the ship's already left the dock, or whatever -- too late to change all that now (or that's what I'm telling myself ;)).

  2. Thanks margaret! Where's your wedding blog? would love to see what you're up to :) Thanks for stopping by and offering sympathy!