Tuesday, April 6

A Real Vintage Wedding

Aren't these two adorable? These are my parents, circa 1973. They were married in Eugene, Oregon at the Lutheran Church my mom attended.

I wish she had a close-up of her dress...its white eyelet over yellow cotton, she made my dad's outfit as well. Talk about a DIY bride! Anyone you know of sewing their groom's attire? I think not.

She baked her own lemon wedding cake, look that those cute, tiny tiers! And made sheet cake to serve her guests.

Young lovers....they were only 20 I believe.....and they were so cool, too.

I think this may be the blue VW bus they once had. Do I see curtains on that window?

My cute mom and dad, gotta love em!


  1. the car we were driving was borrowed, a small Japanese sedan (not a Toyota)...we had bicycles for our vehicle the first 10 months of married life. I saved $100 month from my paycheck to save for a car. We bought a 1968 VW van for $800 in May 1974. It needed the engine rebuilt in October the same year. We borrowed $200 from Dave's mom and stepdad to pay the repair shop. I rode my bike (9 months pregnant) to the bank to get the cashier's check made for that repair.

  2. love LOVE daddy Dave's yellow trousers! what awesomely cool parents. :-) (and never realized quite how much brother David looks like young daddy Dave)

  3. I loved seeing Diane's wedding photos. So cute. I love how DIY she is! And actually, my Fiance and I photographed a couples wedding... She made her outfit and his. And they were period realistic from 1700's! DIY weddings are lovely. :) ...And stressful. haha.