Wednesday, April 21

Le Creuset and Handy Spice Shelf

Remember when I won a Le Creuset baking set from broken*saucer? I made delicious cornbread in the large one tonight:
And for dinner we had organic whole wheat penne with spaghetti sauce, chunks of asiago, corn, and cornbread. I served mine on a plate my mom made:

And this was my handy-woman project yesterday. I got so tired of my spice bags all shoved together in this towel rack thing I have, so I found a dirty piece of wood in our lumber yard, some hemp string, a couple of nails and voila! I'm so proud of myself.

And my teas, sugar jar, and the brown tin on the left holds kosher salt ~ mainly used for edamame sit on my unclean stove.
My husband who is a contractor/builder extrordinaire was impressed with my ingenuity but hates my design.  He'll just have to deal with it.


  1. I nearly came over for dinner last night!LOL!

  2. Oh man where was my invite for the cornbread?!

  3. What's wrong with the design? That looks very similar to what I have above my stove!!
    and I'm glad you're enjoying the bakeware. I just love it!