Sunday, April 11

DIY Projects

(via feather love photography)

A gorgeous wedding caught my eye this morning as I was browsing The Bride's Cafe, a site that I haven't visited frequently enough to go "oh I've seen that before". Although, I have already seen this wedding before, because its lovely enough to make a few wedding blog rounds.
I tried on the dress she is wearing - Jenny Yoo I believe - it was the first dress I tried and I really liked it, I felt like a grecian goddess. It was the dress that had my mom been with me she would have said - that's it, just get it. And maybe even, "I'll buy it for you." But, she wasn't with me and I wasn't done looking yet.
I love the vintage quality of the photos, the personal style of the whole event, and some tasty treats that look like they're from Pix, what fun!

Projects I am working on:

Naked Peggies Family - painting our wedding day attire on our cake topper family
Bunting Flags from scraps of Paisley lightweight Pendleton my mom has access too with corrugated cardboard letters attached
Chalkboard painting a window or two for wedding signs from a stack of windows in our backyard
Making a Chicken wire seating card holder from chicken wire in our backyard
(I should change my blog to Car Tires and Chicken Wire, it would be more appropriate!)
Finishing my birdcage veil

Almost 2 months away, and we're 1700 lbs closer to getting our yard cleaned out. It barely made a dent in the piles that's how much crap we have!

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  1. Not related to this post... lol... but, in response to your comment on my blog, yes, we're taking lessons through PCC at the SE Center. We've only had one class so far.... it's not to late to sign up! =)