Thursday, March 4

Renewed Inspiration....Confidence....Passion

Okay I admit, I've been stalling a bit on making our invites and getting things together for this wedding. I feel a bit like I'm in college again, looking at the syllabus knowing I have a huge project coming up, but waiting until 4am the morning it is due to begin working on it. Oh the memories! But then I chanced apon this wedding today shot by Alec Vanderboom and courtesy of Southern Weddings Magazine. (Is that how I appropriately site my sources? )

To see the original post click here because these pics are TINY and you probably can't really see it very well. I'm not all that when it comes to blogging or figuring out pic sizes and such.

This wedding cost $6000 and took place on the bride's family's property. Just beautiful. I look at so many weddings every day, really I'm addicted ~ I get my coffee in the morning, then sit down and see what new weddings are posted on about 10 different bridal blogs! But, what set this apart from the rest? As I was looking at these photos I thought, I can do this. We can have simple decor, easy, inexpensive food, and still have an amazing, fun wedding. I had to show my husband, something I rarely do since I kindof get embarassed when he catches me obsessing over weddings all the time!

He looked and he liked. He said people would like having something laid-back and comfortable.
We are definitely not stuffy people!
So, hopefully this "I can do it!" attitude sticks around because I need to get moving on this wedding! we're just over 3 months how close we are, geez, its about time! I'm terrified to make my own invitations because I know that if they look anything close to what I want its going to take some time. If I decide that my time and frustration on the invites is too tedious and not worth it, well then they'll just be plain black Times New Roman on white cardstock. And maybe I'll care, maybe I won't.

I'm raising my own glass to "cheers" me on moving forward.
And my husband too. He's got a LOT of yard work to do!


  1. Beautiful!! My advice -- don't be afraid to splurge on the photography. :)

  2. P.S. Do you know where to look online for vacation house rentals in Portland? We want to stay with Joce and Roland if possible.

  3. *shudder* I definately think your hubby has the worst end of the deal. I hate yard work. Gross. Wedding invitations though... :D

  4. i saw these pics too and love them for your backyard!! twinkle lights make everything prettier.