Tuesday, March 30

Keep It Small

Ah.....the answer to the budget wedding. Keep your guest list small. I've read quite a few blogs that have had to address this once or twice. Readers' pondering how to have a 10,000 dollar wedding with 200 guests ~ well that's probably really hard to do. Having a 5,000 wedding with 50 guests? Hmmm, maybe.

Then there's what we're trying to do, have the most cost-effecient wedding with 100-150 guests. We have gone over and over our guests list to figure out what tier of people we include. The problem is our "closest friends and family" is huge. Our families are numerous and wonderful, our friends are special and dear, and, well, it just wouldn't be very fair to pick and choose who to invite. So out the invites go! I think i'll be printing a few more to accomodate the groom's expanding list. Which he fully has the right to do.

I've been emailing with a caterer to figure out what menu we can have to serve all these people in a $2000 max budget, as I anxiously await rsvp's. Crossing my fingers!

The above figure is only for dinner, mind you. Desserts, cake, wine, beer, and other drinks not included. Pre-ceremony mingling food (gelato and donut holes, if I get my way) are a seperate fund as well. And then the thoughts come raining in....should I just buy a bunch of bread, some cheese and salalmi, 100 heads of lettuce, huge bags of rice and a whole pig to roast in the ground? wouldn't that be cheaper?

Anyone have any wonderful catering or food serving advice that doesn't include having a potluck wedding? Maybe what I need to hear the most is nut up and fork it out! Pun intended. The fork pun, not the nut up pun.


  1. How about hiring a culinary student or two? It's a good thing for them to put on their resumes!

  2. Hi sweetie. Looks like you're comming down to the wire. I hope you have a glorious wedding. Have you comitted to a dress yet? The ones you had on your site earlier were lovely. Come visit my website when you have the chance. It's goatseathay.blogspot.com
    your auntie Cheryl