Sunday, March 7


I just ate yakisoba stir-fry that my mom came over and made for us while my dad hyjacked the TV to watch a Rockumentary, followed by an apple and some fudge filled oreos so I may be on a bit of a sugar high, but I love my dress and sometimes I want to squeel inside. I put it on yesterday and could breathe in it! which means, yes, it fits me perfectly right now.

It has always fit me in that it would zip up, never mind the back cleavage, bulgling love handles and a really round rear. But I put it on, showed my husband, messed with how to take about a foot of it away from below the hips (making it a totally different dress, but the one I knew was hiding inside trying to come out) and messing with how and where to bustle it. No, I'm not doing my alterations. In fact I have an appt next Saturday to meet with a seamstress. So excited.

And, I'm pretty sure we nailed our invitation. You know, those things I was whining about in my previous post? Yeah, not designing those anymore. I will still print and mail them, but we're ordering a pdf through etsy. Done. Whew!

Excited, yes. Sugar high, probably. I swear these wedding planning emotions are like some kind of disorder. There are days I can't get enough and want more more more and other's where I am so over it and no pleasure from thinking of our own party or looking at other people's gorgeous events. Once this is over I'll have to channel my energy into something that is actually productive! How do bride's go about this after the wedding? Is it total relief or total letdown? I think I will be insanely relieved. Truly.

Most of this planning is really nothing at all actually except thinking about where to set up tables and what food we should eat. There isn't much doing, so I talk a lot bigger than I bite.

Anyway, just wanted to share my feeling-of-the-moment.



  1. So excited for you about your dress fitting! And the invites. More things to check off the list!!

  2. No macaroons for you until after the wedding...l.o.l. I need to catch up on a lot of your posts. I really hope Uncle Richard and I will be able to come to your wedding. It all depends on how much vacation time I have by then and if I can get the time off. Sending you lots of love!

  3. I am so glad those Etsy invitations worked out for you. I hope you told her you heard about them from me *wink, wink*

    I am kind of reliefs kind of not that wedding is over. Now it is like "shit, I have to do all the crap I was procrastinating because of the wedding.