Friday, March 26

And they're off!

I got my lovelies mostly finished these last two days, still collecting addresses, but the majority of my do-this-as-easily-as-possible invitation project is finished.

I downloaded this label template from Martha Stewart early in the wedding planning, because I am not a calligrapher, nor did I want to hire anyone or bother my mom or friend, both of whom have wonderful penmanship skills.

I bought full-sheet labels and a $3 pair of scrapbooking scissors and voila! And of course the stamps... they are so cute aren't they? I went to two different post offices because the first one didn't have any good options. For a split second I felt crazy for caring, but when I saw the folk art King and Queen of Hearts at the second stop I knew I wasn't. Plus, they match the envelopes so darlingly!

The backside....

I should have taken a photo of the paper mess I created on the living room floor cutting all these labels out! Laila had a ball playing with it all. There are stories of some of these being returned to sender, so I double checked with the postal clerk before I got too deep into it and he said if they're fed into the maching the way they're supposed to be fed then everything should be fine.


  1. I have always loved the wrap-around label idea, and I love that you did the zigzag edge. and of course, i too went for the king and queen. it's just too perfect!

  2. got mine in the mail this week - love it!