Wednesday, December 16

Second Wedding Nightmare

Last night's dream......

Dusk was approaching, guests were mingling, the air was warm, we were outdoors - where - I don't know, I was gorgeous in my cream dress and white floral headpiece......everyone was waiting for us but the groom was missing.
I wandered away towards the reception tables which were bare, and round, and the chairs were strewn about as if a windstorm had just come through. No lights were on in the house we were supposed to be getting ready in. I stepped in a door way, the rooms had a dim blue light cast on the walls from almost-dark sky, the groom was nowhere. hmmmmm

On a good note!

3 of the bridesmaid dresses have arrived! I haven't seen them yet, but hear they are perfect! Short, chocolate brown, with ruffles. And three flower girl dresses, which are better than we had expected, tan with pleats and a bow and a surprise layer of light pink tulle underneath! squeal!

My latest ideas:

From other blogs I found understated invitations tucked inside stiched up quilting fabric. In my colors. How much easier could it be? If only all my questions were answered so perfectly......

So many weddings have personal touches with vintage decor.....a milk-glass vase collector finally has a reason to show off her collection, or antique books stacked as centerpieces, cute succulents in ceramic pots crouching beneath stemware and next to gold-rimmed plates.
All of these things are fabulous, but none are within my reach.

And then a thought! My mom has collected a very colorful assortment of tins throughout her life, tea-tins, cookie-tins, baking soda and spice tins! She stopped a few years ago but all her tins are displayed above her kitched cabinets, bringing whimsy and interest to her house and collecting dust I'm sure.

but hey, wouldn't those be cute scattered down the center of the table? Maybe some could have flowers or candy or hold the haiku cards and pencils?


  1. If it makes you feel any better... I had several wedding nightmares a few months ago. And then they stopped. So maybe yours will go away soon?

  2. hmmm mom's tins. i wonder. surely they can be used - i will keep thinking! floating flower tops?

    sorry about such a gloomy wedding nightmare! I will research this...:) so exciting about the dresses!!