Tuesday, December 22

Dreaming is Planning

I read this in my massage magazine...they were talking about your business plan, but I needed to read it because I go in waves of being completely obsessed with visioning our day followed by feelings of never wanting to look at another wedding photo set again! (This quickly turns back into the prior state-of-mind)

I know it will be over far too quickly, so dreaming and planning are like 85-95% of the fun of having a wedding!

What do I dream about? Oh.....where we will set up for the ceremony, whether we'll have chairs or bayles of hay or standing only, we are up top center, or if people will be circled around us (but then where does the wedding party stand?) whether the chairs will be plain ol' folding, or if we can spring for the NICE chairs to class things up a bit. Trust me, my back yard needs all the classing up it can get!

I wonder where the dance floor will be positioned and exactly how I can incorporate a fire-pit for an after party for lingering and out of town guests...after the kids are in bed we will join them while they wait out their buzz making smores and eating popcorn and red vines.

Should we have a tent? what would be under the tent? How do we have a family style reception dinner without an actual caterer. How badly I want to use real place settings but don't want to pay for them.

I could go on and on and on.....

We are officially a few days short of 6 months away! I read a great post on A Practical Wedding on how to have a lazy and cheap blog-worthy wedding. She had some great advice that I know will come in handy when I'm feeling completely overwhelmed and crying over something stupid.

key points were:

A great photographer will make your wedding look amazing
Marry someone you really love and want to be married too
Find a fabulous dress
Don't sweat the details or try to be super crafty especially if it isn't fun or isn't your thing

These are good. I still fret over not having a wedding planner and wonder if I should hire a day-of coordinator (how much are those?) Or if I have a friend/family member who not only can execute and maintain order, but also shares my vision for the day.

I know I will need to give over control on the actual day or I won't enjoy it.


I had another bridal nightmare the other night. We were at our reception in a very dark/cementy/80's looking venue. My groom was not my groom (different skin/hair color, body, hair, age, everything - whoa) but the biggest problem was that none of his guests were at the wedding and all I could think was I was going to have to throw another wedding so that his friends could celebrate with us!

Geez, these stop don't they? Probably not.

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