Friday, November 20

Our Courthouse Wedding

I wanted to blog our wedding more officially......

We're almost 2 months shy of our one year
anniversary. I must say, when we got married I wasn't thinking about anything other than getting to the court house on time and just keeping it together. I'm thankful that my mom took some photos. They capture the wintery Portland day that surrounded us. A light drift of snow covered the streets and grass.

Courthouse 3
But we were warm and cozy inside....
Courthouse 1
The judge spoke very quickly, perhaps because we were at least 30 minutes late, or perhaps that's just his style. Still, the words held meaning and it wasn't without emotion.
Courthouse 2

Courhouse Extras

Afterward, in perfect pregnant craving style, we went for Reuben's and dessert at Roses Delicatessen on NW 23rd Ave.
Courthouse 4

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