Thursday, December 31

Let the Planning begin...

We are just about 5½ months away from wedding day, which seems like really soon.

Last night we met with a friend who's boyfriend is a photographer, looked at a slideshow of wedding photos, talked deets and booked him. Well, I need to run him a deposit, but we're on!

Its exciting to feel like things are in motion, and relieving to check things off our list. And it puts us out $600. Knowing that bridal packages start around $1500, I am feeling lucky or what-have-you that we know someone who literally lives up the street, is professional, and is able to do the work for us at this price.

Really ~ we have a crew of friends that are coming together to make this wedding happen in our budget. And it feels like such a gift, cause, well, it pretty much is!

The photos below are of a wedding Ron shot this summer ~ I hope he doesn't mind my posting them!

The couple wed at the Historic Deepwood Estate in Salem Oregon ~

Photos by Ron Hope via my friend's facebook page.

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  1. We were able to get a pretty sweet deal on our photographer too! Brand new business... we booked him in October for HALF of what he's charging now!